If the Internet Were an Ocean

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Indiana Jen

Last night I had the privilege of moderating the twitter #1to1techat with the topic “Countering the Lock & Block Culture.” My peers were incredibly insightful and one shared this remarkable infographic:

“If the Internet were an Ocean” – An infographic by WebMagazin Volume1, exclusively presented by WebMagazin.de.

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PBL: Assessing Creativity

PBL has long been one of my most favorite ways to teach.  As I continually research all of the ways in which PBL can benefit the classroom I am also discovering that current practitioners are innovating along the same lines.  The BIE has so many great resources on PBL and this one is no different.  http://bie.org/blog/how_can_we_teach_and_assess_creativity_and_innovation_in_pbl

Education that teaches engagement: Liz Coleman on why higher education needs to embrace messiness

Higher education drives the entire machine.

TED Blog

SinceTheTalk-LizColeman (1) What’s the future of education? It’s a popular question right now, with answers ranging from online learning to charter schools. But Liz Coleman is focused on a more fundamental issue: what will schools teach? And what does that mean for the future of our society?

In her eye-opening talk at TED2009, Coleman shared her hopes and fears for the future of the American liberal arts education. Then the president of Bennington College, she critiqued the status quo in higher education: a university system more concerned with growing endowments than with training the next generation of public servants. Universities, she said, are not producing students equipped to address pressing global issues. She called for a radical reimagining of the liberal arts education, and shared her vision for a school system that produces engaged citizens with a strong sense of civic duty.

In 2011, Coleman set out to make this…

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Insights from the 3rd iPad Summit

Great insight on the Boston iPad Summit!

Indiana Jen

Last week I had the privilege of attending the third iPad Summit hosted by EdTechTeacher in Boston, Massachusetts. This fall’s summit was the largest ever – a sold out crowd of 1,000 participants. I live-blogged the conference, so you can read about the individual sessions I attended, along with the keynotes, on my blog here. (You can find my two previous Summit reports here and here.)

While officially an “iPad conference,” the theme of the Summit was definitely innovation and connectivity in education, whatever the device. Keynote speakers David Weinberger, Ph.D. and Ruben Puentedura, Ph.D. (the father of the SAMR model concept) highlighted key elements about 21st century learning: we must be connected online, we must re-envision education in the wake of new technology, and we should foster creativity and innovation not stymie it with restrictive practices and archaic security (or instructional) systems.

Connectedness is Key

Social media…

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