On assessing for creativity: yes you can, and yes you should

Are you a UbDer? If not, you should be. And, you should be looking at creativity in your classroom critically. Here is how.

Granted, and...

I tweeted yesterday an interesting news item in Erik Robelen’s blog in Education Week that a few states (Oklahoma, California, Massachusetts) are seriously looking into some sort of assessment of creative thinking as part of the whole 21st century skills/entrepreneurship movement. I think it is a great idea, with a lot of potential for leveraging change.

Now, of course, the naysayers are quick to say that you cannot measure creative thinking. This is silly: here is a rubric for doing so: Creative. We can and do measure anything: critical and creative thinking, wine quality, doctors, meals, athletic potential, etc.  (A plug, once again for You Can Measure Anything.) More to the point, we recognize creative thinking immediately when we see it – much more so, then, say “organization” in writing (which is a far more abstract idea that creative thinking) or “effective collaboration.”

In Bloom’s Taxonomy –…

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